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About HCF

 The Hastings Community Foundation enhances the quality of life in the Hastings area by promoting the spirit of charitable giving and meeting community needs for grants, awards and scholarships.  We help our donors establish charitable funds, using the most tax-advantageous methods, to benefit the causes they care about.

Hastings Community Foundation is a non-profit public charity made up of many different charitable funds, each separately accounted for, each with its own design and purpose.

Since its founding 30 years ago, the Hastings Community Foundation assets have grown to over $9.6 million.  Thanks to generous donors, the Foundation has been able to award more than $11.9 million dollars in the form of grants, scholarships and other support.  Our operating costs are entirely funded through our endowed Founders Fund and minimal administrative fees.


The Hastings Community Foundation works to perpetuate and enrich the quality of life in Hastings and the surrounding area through the prudent investment and management of philanthropic donations it does this by:

  • Receiving and managing funds to build a permanent unrestricted endowment for the needs of Hastings and the surrounding area.  It uses these resources wisely and efficiently to respond to emerging and changing needs and to sustain existing organizations and institutions, through grants for education, arts and culture, health, social services, economic development, and civic affairs.
  • Providing a flexible vehicle for donors with varied philanthropic desires.  In doing so the Foundation serves as a steward for individuals, families, foundations and organizations which entrust assets to its care.
  • Acting as a leader for the local philanthropic community, identifying and exploring important needs and concerns, addressing serious problems, and shaping effective responses.






As of December 31, 2016, the Hastings Community Foundation held the following Financial Assets:

Assets directed by the Foundation Board:


Founders Money (Funds Administration):


Assets controlled or directed by Donor:


Funds held for other organizations:







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