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Key Society



Membership in the Hastings Community Foundation’s KEY SOCIETY offers a unique opportunity to be involved in community giving!


The original 100+ members of the Key society entirely funded the building of the SPLASH PAD at Lib’s Park in 2008. Since then, we have seen hundreds of children, laughing, running among the water features and cooling off, while their parents and grandparents watched from the shaded benches surrounding the playground. The Key society was awarded the “Benefits Are Endless Award” from the Nebraska Recreation and Park Association for the project.



It all depends on you!


We are inviting everyone to join the Key Society.  Our goal is to have 250 families, individuals and businesses will donate $250 to get our next HIGH IMPACT project off the ground. A committee of Key Society members will decide what the new project(s) will be.


Membership Information

-Membership is open to anyone who cares about Hastings

-Membership cost is $250 a year

-Join as an individual, a family or business

-You can also purchase a membership as a thoughtful and unique gift for anyone who cares about improving Hastings.


Membership Benefits

Members have the opportunity to meet others who care about Hastings, learn about critical community needs, hear about innovative community projects and meet the leaders of our nonprofit organizations. Members will also receive Community Foundation publications. In addition, memberships are an excellent way to teach your family about charitable giving.


How do I become involved?

Join right now by clicking here for our latest Key Society Brochure for further information or by contacting the HCF staff!