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Our Board




The members of the Hastings Community Foundation Board are a cross-section of the community’s leaders.  The thoughtful stewardship of the assets of the foundation is a critical responsibility of the board of directors and they have a sustained record of prudent management.

  • D. Charles Shoemaker, President
  • John Quirk, Vice President
  • Martha Boyd, Vice President
  • Charles Hastings, Secretary
  • Marilyn Nielsen, Treasurer
  • Jack Crowley
  • Cheryl Lockwood
  • Jim Guthmann
  • Gayle McClure
  • Dean Moors
  • Michael Walenz
  • Paula Beirow
  • Jack Osborne
  • Hauli Sabatka
  • Michael Nevrivy
  • Jessi Hoeft
  • Scott Kvols
  • Aaron Schardt
  • Adam Jacobitz


Please contact Board Members through the Hastings Community Foundation Office.  They would be happy to answer any questions.