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About our Grants

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Grants are given to organizations and projects that address some of the area’s most pressing issues and opportunities. Since its beginning in 1987, the Hastings Community Foundation has distributed more than $11.9  million dollars in the form of grants and scholarships.

The Hastings Community Foundation is a 501C3 nonprofit “grant making” organization.  Annual grants are made from the Foundation’s Community Grants Fund.  The Foundation manages over 116 charitable funds, including endowments, scholarships, memorials, donor advised funds, and special projects.  Gifts to the Foundation are tax deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law.  If you would like to make a contribution, please make checks payable to Hastings Community Foundation, P.O. Box 703, Hastings, NE  68901.

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How to Apply



The Hastings Community Foundation gives interested persons the opportunity to perpetuate their support of this Community in which they have raised their families, been successful in business or a profession or otherwise been enriched during their lifetime.

The Community Grants Program is intended to facilitate investments in programs and projects which will enhance the quality of life in Adams County and its surrounding area. All grants must be consistent with the Foundation’s tax exempt status.


photo credit: Amy Roh/Hastings Tribune


  • Innovative Program
  • Arts and Humanities
  • Social Needs and Development
  • Community Needs
  • Historic Preservation
  • Education Motivation
  • Improvement of the Quality of Life


  • Individual Needs
  • Operational Expenses
  • Endowment
  • Fellowships
  • Medical or Scientific Research
  • Any Political Activity
  • Any Church for Religious Purpose



Grants shall be made only to non-profit organizations exempt from federal taxation under section 501C3 of the Internal Revenue Code, to government agencies and to individuals, but grants to individuals shall only be made as prize awards, scholarships or for other grants which do not adversely affect the Foundation’s status under section 5O1 C3 of the Internal Revenue Code.

In awarding grants, preference shall be given to those applicants which are normally not able to access tax dollars.

No grants should be considered as a continuing basis of funding and are one-time specific grants, unless otherwise agreed to by the Hastings Community Foundation Board of Directors.

The Foundation operates on the principle that no discrimination shall be practiced as to race, religion, sex, or national origin in considering a grant request.  Grants will be made only to applicants who adhere to these same principles.


    • A Grant Application Summary form, provided by the foundation, which serves as a cover letter.
    • Request for a specific amount of money
    • Description of the purpose for which funding is being sought
    • Brief description of the organization applying for funds (if applicable)
    • A plan for evaluation of the outcome of the project
    • Provisions which are to be made for future funding (if applicable)
    • Budget for the project, with anticipated revenue and expenses
    • Supporting documents: 5O1C3 tax exempt ruling letter from the IRS; evidence of approval of the grant application by the applicant’s governing board; roster of the applicant’s governing board
    • Copy of the first page of the organization’s most recently filed IRS Form 990
    • Grant application shall be submitted to the Foundation office no later than December 20th of each year—the selection process shall commence thereafter and shall be made in a timely fashion
    • A report letter, indicating disposition of the funds given, should be sent to the Foundation within one year following the payment of the grant to requesting organization.

All projects should carry acknowledgements identifying the project as having been funded by the Hastings Community Foundation


IMPORTANT NOTICE: Requests for Grant Applications will NOT be accepted online or via email.  You must first call the Hastings Community Foundation office (402-462-5152) to register your request for a Grant Application.  Applications must be returned by postal mail or in person at the Foundation’s office at 800 West 3rd St., Suite 232, by

December 20th, 2017.