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Hastings Symphony Orchestra

The Hastings Symphony Orchestra

When the Hastings Symphony Orchestra needs extra money for a guest soloist or curriculum guides for its Educational Outreach Concerts, they can thank friends of the Symphony who had the foresight to endow a fund for the symphony’s benefit in 1992.  The Symphony was the first of the 23 organizations who currently have endowed funds with the Hastings Community Foundation and we are especially proud of our long association.

Historically, the Hastings Symphony was among many community partners that saw the Hastings Community Foundation spring to life. Since that time, several patrons have designated a portion of their individual contributions to the HSO Endowment Fund held by the Hastings Community Foundation. These gifts thoughtfully honor an outstanding ensemble that has provided music in this community for eighty-seven years. The Hastings Symphony is proud of our affiliation with the Hastings Community Foundation, and grateful for their services in providing support for us and numerous other community outreach projects. There is no doubt that our mutual partnership has touched thousands of lives in positive and enlightening ways.


                        Dr. Byron W. Jensen

                        Conductor/Artistic Director

                        Hastings Symphony Orchestra

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