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Annual Report


 The President’s Message


Chuck Shoemaker, President

It has been another eventful year in the life of the Hastings Community Foundation.  “Give Hastings Day” in 2014 was a resounding success, raising in excess of $339,990 for 55 local Hastings charities. We are hard at work to make the 2015 “Give Hastings Day” an even greater success.


The Foundation disbursed in excess of $1,203,661 in scholarships, grants and other support for community organizations during 2014.   And there are many exciting projects in the pipeline in our community, including the Hastings Public Library renovation, Prairie Loft enhancements, the Lark’s new performance space renovation, and a potential downtown redevelopment project.  In all of these the Foundation has been involved in some way in helping to bring these projects to completion.


We can do these things only because the Hastings community supports the Foundation, and those projects, with your generous assistance.   For that we thank you and we hope you continue to see the benefits to yourselves and to our community from supporting the Hastings Community Foundation.


Chuck Shoemaker

We believe we can never thank our donors enough!

Please consider becoming a donor to the Hastings Community Foundation.





As of December 31, 2013, the Hastings Community Foundation held the following Financial Assets:

Assets directed by the Foundation Board: $2,073,379.57
Founders Money (Funds Administration): $591,232.81
Assets controlled or directed by Donor: $5,396,357.60
Funds held for other organizations: $1,231,090.78
TOTAL: $9,292,060.76
Administrative Expenses $90,435  (.97%)
Dollars granted 1987-2014 $9.362 Million







And in early 1987, a group of community members recognized in need to establish a lasting legacy for Hastings.  This group of individuals had a clear vision of a local community foundation that would make a positive impact for generations to come.  The idea became a reality and the Hastings community foundation is celebrating its 28th year of promoting hometown philanthropy and meeting community needs.






The team members of the Hastings Community Foundation Board are a cross-section of the community’s leaders.  The thoughtful stewardship of the assets of the foundation is a critical responsibility of the board of directors and they have a sustained record of prudent management.

v      D. Charles Shoemaker, President

v      John Quirk, Vice President

v      Martha Boyd, Vice President

v      Charles Hastings, Secretary

v      Marilyn Nielsen, Treasurer

v      Paula Beirow

v      Jack Crowley

v      Jim Guthmann

v      Cheryl Lockwood

v      Gayle McClure

v      Dean Moors

v      Michael Nevrivy

v      Jack Osborne

v      Beth Robertson

v      Hauli Sabatka

v      Jim Thom

v      Michael Walenz

v      Jessi Hoeft

v      Scott Kvols

v     Aaron Schardt

Please contact Board Members through the Hastings Community Foundation Office.  They would be happy to answer any questions.


Hastings Community Foundation

800 West 3rd St., Suite 232

Hastings, NE  68901


Phone: 402-462-5152

Fax: 402-462-5171



Office Staff:

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