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Why HCF?

Why HCF? 

The Hastings Community Foundation, Inc. was founded in 1987 with a mission — to perpetuate and enrich the quality of life in Hastings and the surrounding area through the prudent investment and management of philanthropic donations.  Located in the main Heritage Bank Building, Suite 232, in downtown Hastings, the Hastings Community Foundation is a 501C3 charity.


How does the Hastings Community Foundation work?

The Hastings Community Foundation receives and manages funds to build a permanent unrestricted endowment for the needs of Hastings and the surrounding area.  Resources are used wisely and efficiently to respond to emerging and changing needs and to sustain existing organizations and institutions, through grants for education, arts and culture, health, social services, economic development and civic affairs.

The Community Foundation provides a flexible vehicle for donors with varied philanthropic interests.  In doing so the Foundation serves as a steward for individuals, families, foundations and organizations which entrust assets to its care.

The Hastings Community Foundation acts as a leader for the local philanthropic community, identifying and exploring important needs and concerns, addressing serious problems, and shaping effective responses.

How is the Hastings Community Foundation governed?

The Foundation is governed by an 20 member voluntary Board of Directors who meet monthly, and employs two staff members.  Assets are carefully invested, guided by conservative investment policies, and overseen by a seven member Investment Committee composed of prominent business and financial professionals.

What services are offered to clients?

The Foundation offers the promise of enlightened leadership, faithful administration, and constant striving to improve the quality of life in the community and surrounding area.

The Foundation offers assistance to individual donors and their families to establish charitable funds to benefit the community and their favorite charities or causes.  We can assist them in building their own permanent legacy or their family’s permanent, perpetual legacy.

Clients may choose to establish a Donor Advised Fund, where they make recommendations to the Foundation for grant distributions, or they may choose other types of funds such as “named” scholarship funds or endowed funds to benefit their favorite charitable causes in perpetuity. Clients realize all applicable charitable tax credits through their gifts to the Foundation.

What asset classes are accepted?

Cash or cash equivalents

Appreciated securities

Closely held stock

Real Property

Tangible personal property

Gifts of grain commodities

Mineral interests or precious metals

Life insurance

CRT’s and CRUT’s

Mutual Funds

Qualified retirement plan assets