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Happy 3Oth Anniversary to the Hastings Community Foundation!

The Hastings Community Foundation is celebrating 30 years of philanthropy and honoring the founding members who had the vision to create a place where people of all means could make a lasting difference in our community.

Since its beginning, the HCF has awarded $12,000,000 in grants to local nonprofits and scholarships. We hope you take an opportunity to explore our website and Facebook page to learn how the HCF and our generous donors have positively impacted our community since 1987 and our hopes for the future.


 A Word From An Original Founder,  Lafe Anderson

Dear Friends,

     In the late 1980’s, I had a good friend in Lincoln who died in an airplane crash. It was suggested that his memorial gifts be given to the Lincoln Community Foundation. A few weeks after I sent my memorial, I began to receive occasional mailings from the Lincoln Foundation describing the charitable work it was doing, the funds that had been established and the grants they were providing for the community of Lincoln, I thought to myself “Why not here?”  I talked this over with Gerry Whelan who suggested we needed to talk to Hal Lainson. We began sharing our ideas with other community leaders and eventually, we formed a group of 13 charter members and we all agreed…this would be good for Hastings. 

     We knew that Hastings was a very generous community and we could see the advantages of starting our own community foundation. Here was a place where donors, large and small, could really make an impact on community needs.

     The Foundation started small, awarding its first scholarship in 1990. Since then, because of the generous giving of many people, the Hastings Community Foundation has been able to distribute millions of dollars to charitable causes in the form of grants to nonprofit organizations and scholarships.

     I think a lot of people would be surprised to learn what a positive impact the Foundation has had on the community in the last 25 years—I’m glad to see the Foundation become more active in promoting the good work that it does.

     As I recall those early conversations, the Hastings Community Foundation has certainly realized what we hoped it would become and it’s only the beginning. We hope you will join us in making the next 25 years even better!


Lafe Anderson

A Charter Member of the Hastings Community Foundation